Decisyon 360

Unify Insight, Decision Making & Action.

The Decisyon 360 IoT development environment unifies everything in a single meta-data model - eliminating the need for multiple applications and extensive coding to create solutions.

Imagine if your business could...

Unify the multiple applications required for daily operations

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Provide your employees with effective methods for collaboration

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Wield control over your data to make accurate and well-informed decisions

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You select Decisyon. We do the rest.

Only Decisyon 360 provides the complete solution to connect your business applications, employees, and data—all without the need for extensive coding.

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Unified Framework for Decisions & Action

Modern businesses don’t run on a single application. Multiple applications—each specializing in what they do best—are needed to make your business efficient and effective.

Only one framework helps them work together smoothly.

Decisyon 360 is that unified framework with a single drag and drop interface so that you can:

  • View what you want, when you want.
  • Surface relevant information and gather insights into your business.
  • Make informed decisions for swift actions.

Social Workspaces for Communication & Collaboration

The best employees are engaged colleagues who are given the right tools to work as a team. Teamwork requires communication and information sharing without the barriers of location or the silos of an organizational structure.

Decisyon 360 provides the ability to create “social workspaces” dynamically. Employees can quickly connect and share knowledge, view live data streams, and collaborate in context with the work at hand.

Everyone thrives when data-driven collaboration is supported, and with user-configurable workspaces, your employees will feel appreciated and empowered.

Metadata Framework for Bi-directional Data & Actionable Analytics

Data can be big or small, live or static. Data can be stored in different repositories, IT systems, or cloud services. But all the data in the world doesn’t mean anything without context and access.

The one thing you need —no matter how structured or unstructured the data sources—is for your data to work for you.

Decisyon 360 enables engagement with data, wherever it’s located. Bi-directional linking to your systems, repositories, and services means that your data is transformed quickly into actionable analysis for today and the future.

With Decisyon 360, intelligent business planning is just a touch away.