In an environment of numerous application and information silos, gaining the complete perspective necessary to optimize plant and supply chain processes remains problematic. From customer order through production to delivery, manufacturers struggle to piece together disparate systems to streamline the full scope of their operations.

The ability execute and interact with the processes cross-functionally and in multiple directions is critical to success, but antiquated methodologies can cause confusion, unnecessary activity, and slower manufacturing of goods.


IoT manufacturing solutions built with Decisyon 360 enable manufacturers to manage their entire supply chain and manufacturing processes across systems in unique and visual ways – including in-plant operations and upstream/downstream partners.

Decisyon 360’s Virtual Control Room gives both an overview and details on specific departments and processes with the capability to execute and interact cross-functionally and in multiple directions. Decisyon 360 modules include:

  • Collaborative KPIs and Scorecards
  • Production Mashboards that visually represent the status of production line activities by consolidating data in real-time from systems, operators, and equipment
  • Synchronizer Tools for creating horizontal views of the production process to ensure that planned activities are fulfilled on time
  • Pull Systems for scheduling activities

From managers to machine operators, employees throughout the plant can collaborate with each other—not in a chat room or over email, but in conversations around the pertinent set of facts.


Leveraging Decisyon 360's ability to agilely link multiple systems into overall process views, managers and operators are enabled to collaborate around real-time data. Customers experience operational agility that results in:

  • 50% activity reduction in departments that implement the Decisyon 360 application
  • 10-15% improvement in manufacturing operating expenses
  • 50-75% reduction in project implementation time and costs
  • Up to 50% reduction in work-in-process inventory