New York Hospital Queens is a 519-bed acute care hospital, which on average admits more than 35,000 patients, provides care for more than 139,000 outpatient visitors, and treats 115,000 people through the emergency department.


New York Hospital Queens is facing the same challenges as many other organizations within and outside the healthcare industry.

As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, mobile, regulated, and consumer-focused, organizations are challenged to:

  • Utilize an avalanche of data in diverse formats across multiple systems (clinical, claims processing, testing equipment, etc.) and health information exchanges
  • Incorporate IoT sensor data from devices worn by patients for monitoring their health conditions and analyze that data on a real-time basis
  • Ensure data quality and interoperability
  • Analyze and manage resources and costs
  • Comply with new and changing regulatory requirements
  • Collaborate more effectively between departments and medical specialists


New York Hospital Queens is using Decisyon 360 to create solutions that manage statistics on a variety of hospital-wide metrics and provide a collaborative environment for doctors and executives who communicate information across departments, exchange ideas, and leverage best practices.  

Decisyon 360’s Healthcare Resource Utilization solutions provide:

  • Patient, resource, and administrative data integration from multiple internal and external sources
  • Team interaction with data relevant to current work requirements via user-friendly visual mashboards
  • Instant analysis of patient data with IoT data from monitoring devices
  • Cross-functional collaboration around specific data points
  • Predictive analytics based on historic trends
  • Execution of decisions and processes based on heuristic learning



The initial implementation for New York Hospital Queens includes twenty-five executive users with plans to expand usage dramatically over the next year. The Decisyon 360 platform capabilities are expected to reduce expenses and improve the quality of care by eliminating the use of error-prone spreadsheets and non-current emails and by reducing the number of time-consuming meetings and phone calls.

The Decisyon 360 platform is the ideal solution for delivering on the needs of healthcare providers with outcomes such as:

  •  Improved visibility into resource utilization by department and procedure
  • 70-90% reductions in emails and spreadsheets used for cross-department communication
  • Increased efficiency of healthcare management staff
  • Reduced operating expenses through improved resource utilization
  • Instant patient analysis through the ingestion of IoT data from healthcare devices and real-time data analysis