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From Buzz to Business Value

By 2020 there will be billions of IOT connected devices and trillions of IOT invested dollars. The precise numbers don't really matter. Huge, mega-vendors like GE, Intel, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon, and HP have announced massive investment and reorganization to realign themselves around IoT. We know the market is massive. 

A deluge of data is coming

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All Thunder, No Lightning

Today, Salesforce announced IoT Cloud, its shot at the IoT market.  At its center is Thunder, a massively scalable, real-time event-processing engine. And, once again, it’s all about processing lots of data…. Just like every vendor trying to create IoT offerings.

But processing large amounts of data from smart devices, IT systems and web services is simply the start.  It’s not a solution.  It’s not enough to build a solution.

What’s missing? “Everything.” 

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