About us

Transforming the Internet of Everything into real world value.

The company’s flagship product, Decisyon 360, is the industry’s only unified platform for rapidly building intelligent end-to-end IoE solutions that connect people, processes, information, and ‘things’ (sensors, devices and equipment).





Unifying big data aggregation, advanced analytics,decision-making, business logic, and process execution capabilities in a collaborative environment, Decisyon 360 radically simplifies the creation of solutions that easily scale to the real-time requirements of the IoE; while slashing development time and cost. Founded in 2005, Decisyon software is currently used in over 200 companies globally. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the company markets its software solutions in the United States and Europe through partners and direct sales.

Our Mission

Designed from inception for a world of constantly-accelerating volumes of data and connections between things, people and processes, Decisyon 360 dramatically simplifies the creation of Internet-of-Everything solutions. By integrating collaboration, data aggrigation, analysis, decision-making, and execution capabilities in a seamless environment, Decisyon 360 enables corporate and commercial development teams to rapidly build applications that can:

  • Understand why past decisions were made.
  • Access any type of structured or unstructured data – wherever it’s located.
  • Collaborate around any process or data point.
  • Connect the dots around decision points – any way needed.
  • Determine the best course of action.
  • Execute transaction and processes in real-time.

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What Decisyon Can Do

What Decisyon Can Do Today, global organizations are using the Decisyon 360 platform to create corprorate and Internet-of-Everything solutions that span multiple industries and business practices. Our customers are now able to:

  • Visually monitor the status of orders across entire production processes by agilely integrating data from multiple ERP and manufacturing systems – without having to re-architect a plant’s entire IT infrastructure..
  • Tie Facebook, Twitter and other social data directly into Call Centers in real-time – enabling socially-savvy companies to quickly understand and respond to customers’ needs, likes and dislikes.
  • Manage entire supply chains – keeping managers abreast of supplier status and the forces impacting their industry.
  • Track and analyze all transactions across affiliated financial organizations – enabling managers to understand the profitability between multiple deposit types and loan instruments so they can manage cash resources more effectively.

You select Decisyon. We do the rest.

Only Decisyon 360 provides the complete solution to connect your business applications, employees, and data—all without the need for extensive coding.

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